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Trail Camera Season

Posted by David on Apr 28th 2015

   We finally have gotten some nice warm weather! Let the main food plot planting season begin! I know a lot of p
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Browning Trail Camera Update

Posted by David on Apr 13th 2015

The new Browning Trail Cameras are in stock. I am personally excited to try one of these new ones out myself. Hopefully in th
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Food Plots - No or Low Till

Posted by David on Apr 8th 2015

   I want to share few thoughts on no till food plotting. First of all No till food plotting does not mean that you
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Almost Time To Start Planting Spring Food Plots

Posted by David on Apr 2nd 2015

   The main spring planting season is almost here in central Minnesota. We have a couple of cold fronts coming are
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Annual VS Perennial Food Plots

Posted by David on Mar 25th 2015

One of the big questions when planting a food plot is what food plot seed to actually plant in the plot. Annual food plots
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Feels Like Spring!

Posted by David on Mar 10th 2015

   Wow! The warm air that has come recently feels good! If you want to do some frost seeding now would be the time
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