Real world Wildlife Products offers a high quality mineral unlike any other on the market.

- It is extremely low in salt, but has the proper ratio of key macro and micro nutrients to help the herd reach their potential. LEARN MORE

- Real World Wildlife offers a complete line of nutritional products to help keep your deer alive, healthy and productive. Real World's exclusive Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ is a true game changer.

Expect Healthy Deer Technology®

Real World Wildlife Products exclusive Expect Healthy Deer Technology® is a real game changer for both captive deer breeders and land managers looking to keep their herds healthy while Maximizing genetics and antler growth. Made from the highest quality all-natural ingredients from around the world, Expect Healthy Deer Technology® provides critical nutrients designed to support a strong immune system, optimum rumen function, gastrointestinal tract function and nutrient utilization. What do these science based benefits mean for your deer herd?

– Provides functional nutrients to deer during stressful periods such as disease outbreaks.
– Aids in optimum reproductive performance and the production of strong healthy fawns.
– Helps maintain feed intake,weight gain and antler growth during climatic stress events, like hot weather.
– Supports antler growth and body growth of the animal

  • Real World Nutri-Crave Deer Block

    Nutri-Crave Deer Block - 20 lbs

      POWERED BY: Full pallet quantities available. To order full pallets, please contact us. Real World Wildlife Products’ new Nutri-Crave Deer Blocks are unlike any other deer block on the market. When we started the development process, we...
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  • Real World Wildlife Maximizer Mineral With EHD Technology Real World Wildlife Products - Maximizer Plus Mineral

    Real World Maximizer Plus Mineral - 40 lbs

    Only Ships Spee Dee Delivery = MN, WI, IA, ND, SD, NE, IL   Pallet of 50 bags – to order full pallets please call.   Real World’s Maximizer Plus Deer Mineral is exactly the same as our Maximizer but it also includes Real...
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