Do I really have to do a soil test?  

We highly recommend doing a soil test. The better the soil condition the better the yield. It is also not hard to do. Just take some soil from  a few different areas of the plot and bring it to any coop.

- Where should I put my food plot?
Try to put the food plot where deer feel comfortable naturally.  Do some scouting in the off season and figure out where they bed and travel.  Ask yourself if this plot will be for just nutrition or for hunting as well. If for hunting make sure you can hunt it on the right wind direction. 
- What is the best early season food plot?
For attractiveness in the early season Sept- Oct. we recommend and have had great results with Frigid Forage blends like Wall Hanger for lighter soils and either Wild Game Buffet or Pure Trophy Clover for heavier soils. If you want to use an annual type seed blend Monster Magnet is also great. Deer will also us the popular seed blend Big N Beasty Brassicas early in the season but a lot more after the first frost.
- How high should I hang my camera?
The best would be waist to chest high with a slight downward angle. It is also best to clear vegetation so when the sun comes out and the wind is blowing causing the vegetation to move it wont cause unwanted false triggers. 
- What batteries are best for my cameras?
Lithium batteries are the best. They cost more but they last a lot longer and will usually end up being cheaper. Cameras tend to perform better with Lithium batteries especially during cold weather.