Season Update - Planting Dates

Season Update - Planting Dates

    We are now headed towards the middle of May. Food plot planting should be in full swing for those who are planting warm season annuals and also perennials such as clover, chicory, alfalfa etc. There are certain times that are better to plant during the spring than others depending on what you are planting.

   Clovers blends like Frigid Forage Pure Trophy Clover can be planting almost anytime in spring and even frost seeded. If you are planting a blend that has chicory mixed in it is a good idea to wait until soil temperatures have raised to 50 degrees or warmer.

   Food plot seed mixes like Frigid Forage Monster Magnet and Plot Screen and similar should be planted around the same time most farmers are drilling soybeans. For most of us that are in the northern US that is roughly May 1st. to the middle of June. Checking the extended forecast is always helpful to make sure there is not a stretch of cold weather coming after you plant.

   Frigid Forage Plow Down Clover also needs to be planting in the spring. This blend is meant to keep the weeds down and add fertilizer to the soil. This food plot seed mix is made as a replacement forage until you want to do your fall planting.

  Brassica seed blends and seed products like the Frigid Forage Autumn Quick Plot and Big N Beasty are better to be planted later. Mid July to Mid August seem to be the best for Big N Beasty Brassica type seeds. You can plant Autumn Quick plot a touch later if need be. 

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