All food plots need a good start and sometimes they need a little boost.  DeerGro has a product for both.

 As deer hunters and land managers we are always looking to make the next hunting season better and more successful than the last and food plots can be a big part of how much success we have. DeerGro has two great products that will help bring your food plots to the next level and best of all they are easy to apply. If you struggle to get the results that you want out of your food plot program you need to give these products a try. 

PlotStart™ is a pH altering food plot spray, offering an easy and effective alternative to lime. One 2.5 gallon bottle can give the effect of 1 Ton of Lime and works up to 3X faster than lime.

PlotBoost™ is a foliar food plot spray that affects both the plant and the immediate soil environment to increase nutrient production, nutrient uptake, and drought tolerance.

 How to mix and spray DeerGro


  • DeerGro PlotBoost 1gal (4 acre) DeerGro PlotBoost 1gal (4 acre)

    DeerGro PlotBoost 1gal (4 acre)

    PlotBoost™ is a spray for use on food plots, crops, vegetables, trees, and lawns. Developed by an American company that is a 30-year veteran of the agricultural industry, PlotBoost’s™ unique mix of complex carbohydrates, amino...
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  • DeerGro PlotStart DeerGro PlotStart 2.5gal (1acre)

    DeerGro PlotStart 2.5gal (1acre)

    PlotStart is a spray that provides instantly available calcium to the soil and plants. Historically, lime has been the source of calcium. However, with traditional lime taking months to activate and liquid lime only lasting a single...
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  • DeerGro PlotBoost DeerGro PlotBoost in to sprayer

    DeerGro PlotBoost 32oz (1acre)

    PlotBoost is a spray applied to actively growing plants to promote better growth and fertilizer uptake, greater resistance to drought, disease and insects, and increased nutrient capacity leading to healthier and bigger deer. The 32-ounce bottle...
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