Spartan Trail Cameras - Frequently Asked Questions

Spartan Trail Cameras - Frequently Asked Questions

Sep 7th 2019

Spartan Trail Cameras - Frequently Asked QuestionsSpartan Trail Camera

Lately we have been getting some FAQs about Spartan Trail Cameras. Here are a few that might just help you out.

1. Do I have to have a Verizon phone plan to use a Spartan Verizon 4G Camera?

Absolutely not. You can buy Verizon data right from which has nothing to do with your existing phone plan. You can however connect a Verizon camera to you existing plan if want to.

2. How do I know when my batteries are getting low?

There is alway a P# on the bottom info strip on each picture that the camera takes. P5 being full power. Once the pics show P4 or less you will have to repower the camera soon. Also the Gowireless App shows the voltages on the status reports.

3. Will the internal lithium battery on a Spartan Ghost trail camera last for a long time?

No the internal lithium battery is mainly for setting up the camera and hooking a solar panel up directly to the camera. If not using a solar panel you will need AAs or a 12v external battery.

4. What battery voltage do I need for an external power source?

You need a 6V battery/power source for all Spartan GoCam trail cameras except the Ghost model. The Ghost camera runs off of standard 12 volts.

5. What SD Card should I be using in my Spartan Trail Camera?

Standard sized class 10 SD card. Anywhere from 8 to 32 G capacity are recommended. Regular full sized SD cards will lock in place inside the trail camera so they stay in contact if the camera is bumped in the field. This is why we don't recommend micro SD cards.

6. Can Spartan Trail Cameras be Tracked by GPS

The only Spartan camera that will come with GPS capabilities is the newest version of the Ghost Model - GC-G4Gb and newer.

We will likely add to this as we get deeper into the 2019 hunting season and questions come in. If you have a question about a camera visit our contact us page. To shop for Spartan Trail Cameras -