Spartan Trail Camera Update - Trail Camera News

Spartan Trail Camera Update - Trail Camera News

Jun 8th 2020

Spartan Trail Camera Update

We want to give a little update on Spartan Trail Camera user information now that the trail camera season is here and hunters are starting to get more cameras out in the woods. We are starting to get a lot of questions rolling in. 

1. The Spartan GoLive Ghost camera at this time looks like it won't be out until September 1st. If it happens to come out earlier we will send out an email to our customers when they become available.

2. The New Spartan Ghost Cam AT&T cameras are available right now. If you were looking for one last season you can now purchase them.

3. Getting a lot questions pertaining to positioning cellular trail cameras. For the most part they should be positioned as you would a non cell camera. Here is a great link that breaks down camera positioning.

4. For a lot of new cell camera users getting one setup is the biggest fear for some. Here are a couple of videos that show how simple the setup can be.

Non Ghost Setup

Spartan Ghost Set Up

5. Remember that the Non Ghost Spartan GoCam cameras are 6 Volt operated and Ghost Cameras are 12 Volt. Please NEVER plug in a 12 Volt Battery into a non Ghost model.

6. The Spartan Ghost models are the only spartan cameras that have the GPS feature. This feature will tell you where your camera is located when using the Spartan App. These cameras also have an internal SIM card built in so you want see one in the packaging as it is already in the camera.

7. The Spartan Premium App Service is worth the couple bucks a month. It gives you the full potential of your Spartan Camera. Here is a link of the features vs. running the camera on Auto mode.

8. If you are new to a cellular camera we always suggest that you should purchase a little early and play around with the camera in your yard for a week or two so you can get used to the Apps and settings. This will save you time when you go and deploy your cam in the field.

If you have questions about a Spartan Trail Camera you can visit our contact page or you can also visit and look into the Knowledge Base under the support tab. To purchase a Spartan Camera product for us visit

Thanks for your business!