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Spartan GHOST Camera - New Model

Spartan GHOST Camera - New Model

Mar 29th 2019

  Spartan Camera otherwise known as HCO Outdoor Products will have a new Spartan Verizon 4G Wireless Camera coming soon! Be sure and check it out!

It will have all of the same great features the current Spartan GoCam has with a few new ones included.

The first thing you will notice is the brand new look of the case. It had to be changed to allow room for the internal battery. The Ghost camera will have a new setup wizard that will help make setting up the camera for the first time a breeze. It will also be able to be charged at 12 volts vs 6 volts. Now all of the main selector buttons will be illuminated for ease of use in low light conditions.  The power cable and port now have threads for a more secure fit and it will also be located at the more forward position. Again the new Spartan Ghost camera will have a new and improved power switch for increased durability. For ever further durability the batter holding springs have also been changed to a better design.

There are many small changes the all new Spartan Ghost Camera (Connected By Verizon) 4G. This new camera is sure the lead the wireless/cellular camera industry for years to come. The release and delivery date is expected to be sometime in April 2019

To see the new specs on the newest Ghost cam