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Frigid Forage Plot Screen - Why Use It?

Frigid Forage Plot Screen - Why Use It?

Apr 1st 2019

There are many uses and advantages for using a product like Frigid Forage Plot Screen

  One of the most popular uses of a plot screen is it simply make the wildlife more comfortable when they are out feeding on a food plot. This will help deer in general come out and feed earlier in the evening and possibly a little later in the mornings which can make them a lot easier to hunt. 

   Another key use for Frigid Forage Plot Screen is planting it in a way to cover your entry and exit routes to your tree stands. This will you get in undetected and keep the element of surprise on your side. 

  Bedding, yes you can actually use a plot screen to make bedding areas. It works well planted a long the edges woodlots and even CRP fields. Remember that whitetails love thick cover and edges and a plot screen will give you both. If give a whitetail a place that make them feel secure there they will likely bed there.

  Blocking the view - Sometimes a field or food plot can be seen from a road or field. Nothing worse than everyone in the neighborhood glassing your game. Keeping your trophy on the low down is always a good idea and a screen is sometimes all you need.

  The sky is the limit with using plot screens. You can use you own imagination and find out what works best for you and you property. Keep in mind that most plot screens should be planted in spring or early summer so keep that in mind while planning your management strategy.

  There a few other plot screen products on the market as of this post such as Whitetail Institute Conceal. Frigid Forage Plot Screen has a very good reputation of growing well and getting tall and thick. Be sure to follow the planting instructions for best results.