Spring Time Food Plot Seeds - Frigid Forage | Whitetail Institute

Spring Time Food Plot Seeds - Frigid Forage | Whitetail Institute

It's shaping up to be another early spring! Food plot work will be underway for hunters across the country that decide to do any variety of spring food plots. Now is not the time to procrastinate. It's time to make a plan and turn up some dirt! Get your soils tests done and throw down your favorite seeds.

Whitetail Institute makes a wide variety of perennial food plot products that are designed to be planted in the spring. The legendary Imperial is a very popular seed blend that has been proven over the years. Alfa-Rack Plus is another perennial seed blend that has alfalfa mixed in and has been used a long time with success. Whitetail Institute also came out with a seed blend a few seasons ago called Fusion that is very high in protein and grows well.

Frigid Forage offers a bunch of different food plots seeds for spring food plot planting and for multiple purposes. Frigid Forage offers three main perennial food plot seed blends. Wild Game Buffet is a multipurpose perennial based blend that works in many soil types. Frigid Forage Wild Game Buffet also has a small portion of annuals mixed in for a cover crop and extra forage. Another favorite FF perennial is their Pure Trophy Clover blend that is exactly what the name says. It has five different clover varieties and like all Frigid Forage seed it's nothing but 100% pure seed. Pure Trophy Clover does really well on heavy soils. Lastly the Frigid Forage Wall Hanger blend is a mix of perennials that is had a good amount of alfalfa and chicory and does well on lighter soils.

Now there are some annual seeds that have to be planted in the spring too. Corn, Soybeans and other food plot blends like Frigid Forage Plot Screen. Plot Screen is a very popular seed blend used by hunters to hide or cover up and conceal there food plots or any area for that matter. Frigid Forage Plot Screen is a very useful tool for manipulating your property to make it more deer friendly. 

There are also many more seed blends that need to be planted in the spring like Frigid Forage Monster Magnet and Plow Down Clover so be sure to check out the instruction before purchasing.

Be sure and check out all of the Frigid Forage and Whitetail Institute food plot seed blends and make a plan today for a better hunt tomorrow!