Spartan Ghost Trail Camera (Verizon) 4G - Setup And Review

Spartan Ghost Trail Camera (Verizon) 4G - Setup And Review

Jun 4th 2019

Spartan Ghost Trail Camera (Verizon) 4G - Setup And Review  

We finally got a chance to unbox, setup and spend some time using our Spartan Ghost Trail Camera 4G (Verizon)

The new Ghost Trail Camera gave us a very good first impression. In short this cellular camera is sweet!

First off the new case design feels really durable and water tight. Not to mention it looks kind of cool too. The added threads for the external power cord give you confidence that the cord will not get pulled out and it also seems to be more moisture resistant by design.

The initial setup wizard made getting this camera up and running extremely easy. You can have the Ghost online in probably less than 15 minutes. Even after the initial setup the menu seems a little more user friendly than GoCams of the past. Also the new illuminated menu buttons my come in handy in a darker situation. All in all this is a very easy cellular camera to set up and use.

So the internal built in lithium battery we learned is more for making initial setup easier and also adds the benefit of directly plugging in a solar panel without having to use an external battery. Keep in mind this battery will not run the camera all by itself for long.  We set ours up via the internal battery then deployed it with a 12 volt external SLA battery. 

Speed wise the the Spartan Ghost seems to be a bit quicker at sending the photos to the app. We did a few test fires and it seems to take about 15 to 30 seconds to get the photo on the mobile app. Keep in mind that we were running this camera in a area that the camera was showing full bars of signal on the Verizon network.

Spartan Ghost Camera Setup

The Spartan Ghost camera we tested is dressed in the limited edition Realtree Camo.

Below are pictures taken by the Sparta Ghost trail camera. This is a black flash trail camera and the pictures seem be be very very good both day and night.

Spartan Ghost Trail Camera Night Picture

These pictures are from the Spartan Trail Camera App set in the higher resolution setting. These are NOT the full size HD pics that you can request the camera to send to you.

Daytime Picture Taken with the Spartan Ghost Trail Camera

Even at a transition time during the late evening with the sky exposed and a distance of about 70 feet the Spartan Ghost did a great job of grabbing a picture good enough to tell what type of deer it was. 

Spartan Ghost Far Picture In The Late Evening

Thanks for checking out our initial user experience with the Spartan Ghost 4G (Verizon) trail camera. We are planning to keep putting this camera to the test long term and we more than likely update this as we keep learning about this new model.

If you are in the market for a new cellular game camera you may want to check out the new Spartan Ghost. It may not be the cheapest but it may very well be the best.

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Here is a 10 second video example from the Spartan Ghost Camera requested straight from the Spartan Camera app. We may have left a little to much scent behind for this guy.