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Spartan Camera New Models - Verizon 4G - AT&T 4G

Spartan Camera New Models - Verizon 4G - AT&T 4G

Jan 30th 2019

There are two new models added to the Spartan Camera lineup and there seems to be a bit on confusion about it.

The Verizon version of the Spartan Trail Camera now has a new model number. GC-Z4GB. This is the newest version available as of right now. This camera basically just got a few small tweaks and will operate the same as the older 4G Model. It also got the new camo pattern Areus. This pattern looks to be mostly earth tones which should work well in many applications. This new model will lead the wireless trail camera industry in technology for 2019.

AT&T will be Sunsetting the 3G Service by the end of 2019. So......

The bigger news is that the AT&T version Spartan GoCam is now 4G. Now you will have the same features as the Verizon 4G model which will allow sending of videos. The AT&T version will also get the new camo paint job. AT&T Spartan Camera newest version Model is GC-A4GB.

We expect both of these new Spartan models to be both reliable and trouble free as the earlier models.

If you have not tried a Spartan cellular trail camera yet you just might be a buck short this coming season.