Quick Review - Browning Strike Force 850 | BTC 5HD 850 Trail Camera

Quick Review - Browning Strike Force 850 | BTC 5HD 850 Trail Camera

  This is our quick review of the 2017 Browning Strike Force 850. Model # BTC 5HD 850. This is a real world quick review for the common hunter that want to use this trail/game camera as a tool to make himself or herself more successful in the field. This review is after roughly four weeks of use of the trail camera.

First of all the Browning Strike Force 850 is an addition to the Strike Force family of trail cameras. It is a low glow or IR flash trail camera and not a No Flash or Black Flash model. Which basically mean that there is a slight orange glow when the camera takes a picture at night. Most animals are do not notice this orange glow but some hunters believe it does alert a few older deer.

The 2017 Browning Trail Cameras Strike Force 850 has a very impressive trigger/sensor circuit. Our test camera was capturing animals at 75 feet or more. The trigger speed and recovery time is also fast enough for any hunter and is spot on or very close to the given spec. of .4 seconds trigger and .8 seconds recovery time. This camera is a picture taking machine and has no problems at all capturing crows and hawks that fly by. The user of this trail camera will enjoy the confidence that nothing will get past the sharp sensors of this work horse.


The picture quality of the Browning Strike Force 850 is at the top end again. Daytime pics seem very clear and at night this trail camera throws a ton of light at it's subjects. At it's price point this game cam is just very hard to beat.



We have been religiously using lithium batteries in our trail cameras lately and this fresh set of Energizers was still at 100% charge after 4 weeks of use and roughly 2200 pictures. (5.5 - 9 months of use expected)  We expect the battery life to be about identical or a touch better then previous Strike Force models. Also you will not run out of memory with the new 2017 Strike Force 850 as of now you can use cards up to 512 GB which is way more than adequate. This camera has a ton on setup options and it's hard to show you all of the features but we assure you there is not anything missing in the camera except a color viewing screen. If you need a vewing screen to view your pictures you can check out some other Browning Trail Camera models.

All in all we have a lot of confidence the new 2017 Browning Strike Force 850 in that you will definitely not miss hardly anything that walks in front of this camera. You have to try one for yourself to believe that this kind of performance can be had out of such a small package.