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New Browning Strike Force Pro X - Trail Camera Quick Look

New Browning Strike Force Pro X - Trail Camera Quick Look

Jan 13th 2019

   New for 2019 Browning Trail Cameras just released the Strike Force Pro X. 

This new game camera will take over the place of the former Strike Force Pro model for 2019.

There are many upgrades to this new Browning Strike Force camera. Here are a few of the main differences.

 - First off the new Strike Force Pro X will have 20MP vs 18MP on the original Strike Force Pro Model.

- The trigger speed was also bumped up to only .22 Seconds which is blazing fast!

- Videos will now be 1600 x 900 HD

These little high performance trail cameras already have so many great features its almost ridiculous.

 - Like Smart IR Video

 - Adjustable IR LED Illumination 

 - And SD CARD Management is one of my favorites

Improving upon the original Browning Strike Force Pro just makes sense as it already a very proven camera.

The best part is the MSRP Price stayed the same at 169.99

Best sure and check out the Browning Strike Force Pro X scouting camera for your next hunting adventure!