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Lock Down

Posted by David on Nov 9th 2015

  I brought my 10 point buck from my September North Dakota trip to the taxidermist last week and have been hunting hard ever since. On the evening of November 3rd I had a really nice 135- 140s class 8 point at only 7 yards. I saw him come from nearly 300 yards. He was on a mission looking for does. The problem is he came right at me. He came under some branches and I drew back and held it for as long as I possibly could. Not sure how long but I just couldn't hold it any more and he pegged me as I let my Hoyt down. I left the stand at dark feeling excited and a little frustrated but knowing the older bucks were moving I went out the following morning. The next morning an hour after sunrise a giant 10 point probably in the 155-160" range came from behind me. I knew my range finder would not work because of the fog but I tried anyways. Nope it read 3.9 Yards no matter where I aimed it. I knew he was approximently at 60 Yards and that was farther than I was willing to shoot. He worked his way past me and when he was out at 100 yard I grunted and snort wheezed at him. He came back to 60 but no further.At this point I feel like I used up my luck already. Since then My brother has had similar experiences with big bucks. Me, nothing since. Passed some 2.5 Year old 8s. I haven't seen much activity since Nov. 6th. Seems early but they might be locked down with does. The weather has turned really warm also. I'm gonna keep hunting hard and hope my good luck returns. Hope everyone is having some luck out there! Never give up!!

Thanks! and be SAFE out there!