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Browning Dark Ops Pro Quick Review

Browning Dark Ops Pro Quick Review

Apr 2nd 2018

   Here is our Browning Dark Ops Pro quick review of the high performance trail camera Model #  BTC 6HDP. Browning Introduced this trail camera late last year and we finally got a chance to put it to the test. Here is what we found after having this trail camera take pictures for three weeks in relatively cold conditions. This is a real world quick review of the Browning Dark Ops Pro trail camera.

   First of all the Browning Dark Ops Pro camera is simple to setup even though there is a bunch of settings. Thanks to the the color viewing screen the menu is super easy to use. Changing the time and adjusting settings is a breeze. Just put this camera in your hand and it just feels solidly built. All of the push buttons feel solid and there is no having to push twice to get to the next option. The access door and moisture seal seem durable and similar to other Browning cameras and should stand the test of time. 

Browning Dark Ops Pro Mounted To Tree

     Battery life again like most Browning Trail Camera seems to be excellent. After 3 weeks in pretty cold conditions our dark ops pro was still sitting @ 100%.  We were using energizer lithium batteries for this review. 

    The detection circuit seems to be as good as it gets. This camera simply does not miss seem to miss anything. It picks up birds in mid flight without a problem at all. The Dark Ops Pro camera is a 9.5 outta 10 as far as the detection goes.

Browning Dark Ops Pro Catching Birds In Flight


    There is just isn't much not to love about this camera. The blazing trigger speed and detection circuit in this price bracket is almost unheard of. The Browning Dark Ops Pro takes quality pictures both day and night. Keep in mind that this is a Black Flash trail camera so it won't throw quite as much light as it's IR counter part - the Strike Force Pro. 

Browning Dark Ops Pro Night Picture

   The Browning Dark Ops Pro seems to be a solid choice for the serious hunter. For the public or private land hunter this camera will do it all. We didn't get a chance to test the video mode yet but for the most part we think most customers will be buying this for still pics. If you are looking for a Black Flash trail camera with lighting speed at a reasonable price look no further than the Browning Dark Ops Pro. Thanks for reading out trail camera review of the Browning Model BTC - 6HDP.