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2018 Browning Trail Camera Models Released!

2018 Browning Trail Camera Models Released!

Feb 3rd 2018

   Browning Trail Cameras pushes the bar higher and introduces a bunch of new trail cameras again for 2018. 

   A few Browning cameras from last year will still be in the lineup so if you had an all time favorite 2017 model you may still be in luck. The very popular Browning Strike Force Pro will be offered for 2018 because of it's popularity and performance. It was just a solid winner why not keep it around another season. The Browning Trail Cameras Dark Ops Pro which came out late in 2017 will also be available this coming hunting season for the guys that favor the black flash cameras

  The Browning Strike Force 850 and the Dark Ops 940 get upgraded to the Extreme version. These are now going to be called the Strike Force 850 Extreme and Dark Ops 940 Extreme. The Browning Strike Force Extreme and the Dark Ops Extreme will get a new adjustable trigger speed and will also get an adjustable detection range. This should give the user even more ways to get the best picture quality. As with most new trail cameras the software is expected to get some small changes as well.

  For 2018 Browning upgraded the Spec Ops Extreme and the Recon Force Extreme to the new Advantage Models which will feature some small improvements. The bigger news is the introduction of the all new Recon Force 4k. The all brand new Recon Force 4k will record 4k video and take photos with up to 32 MP. This will be an exciting camera for the hunters that love the video side of trail cameras. The Browning Recon Force 4K will also get an adjustable detection range, trigger Speed and flash range.

  The Browning Defender WiFi models will again be in the line up for 2018 with no major changes.

  Lastly maybe the biggest new of all is the new Browning Trail Cameras XD Series. These will be available in the Strike Force Pro XD and the Dark Ops Pro XD Models. They feature and dual lens technology. One for night and one for daytime. These might just be the best performing trail cameras Browning has came out with yet with a trigger speed on only .15 seconds and 24 Mega Pixels these are sure to be some picture taking machines. 

  Browning Trail Cameras has a ton on new models for 2018 the hard part will be deciding which one is right for you. Be sure and check out all of the new 2018 Browning Trail Cameras!